...and help existing leaders multiply a serving leadership influence in others.

Reverb Network provides leadership training, consulting and coaching to faith-based and non-profit organizations as well as to business groups and other associations for the purpose of creating a serving leadership culture in all spheres of society.

Our goal is to develop serving leadership movements based on the leadership principles of Jesus that will impact the world by changing the paradigm of what it means to be a leader. We seek to accomplish this by offering one-day Leadership Workshops, Coaching & Consulting, and four-phase Leadership Development programs (over a four-year period) that have the potential to catalyze Serving Leadership Movements around the globe.


Our Team

Luke Kuepfer

Luke Kuepfer


Luke Kuepfer is founder and former Field Director of Global Tribes Outreach in Southeast Asia. He has a Masters in Christian Leadership from Asbury Seminary and is the author of A Serving Leader's Devotional. As a leadership developer and life coach, Luke helps non-profit and business leaders understand how to maximize their God-given potential to lead and serve others. He resides in Wilmore, KY with his wife Amy and has three children: Brittany, Courtney, and Jamin.

Scott Miller

Scott Miller


Scott Miller is graduate from Columbia International University where he earned a Masters degree in Ministry Leadership. Scott has traveled the world leading short term mission trips with a special emphasis in southeast Asia. He has partnered with mission organizations around the globe, such as Wycliffe, Crossover Communications, and Serve India Ministries. Currently he resides in Western MD with his wife Crystal and sons—Abiel and Eshban.

Shannon Lehman

Shannon Lehman


Shannon Lehman follows Jesus and cares about justice for the oppressed. He has been involved in prison ministry and teaching English in Europe. Shannon partners with the Polish churches in training and equipping them to launch English Bible Day Camps. He is a foreman in a family owned construction business. Shannon is an avid long distance runner and, along with his wife JoElla and three children—Erin, Brayden, and McKenna—lives in Guys Mills, PA.

Fred Waggoner

Fred Waggoner

Secretary & Administrative Officer

Fred Waggoner is a retired military officer with over thirty years of leadership experience. His holds two MA degrees from Regent University and the National War College. He has served as an adjunct faculty member for Indiana Wesleyan University, teaching courses in leadership, management, and organizational development. Fred and his wife Michelle reside in Lexington, Kentucky. They have one son, Andrew, and three grandchildren.

Lead, love, and serve like Jesus! 


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One-Day Leadership Workshops

One-Day Leadership Workshops

Designed for those who want their influence to go beyond a changed habit or a temporarily improved bottom line, these leadership development workshops introduce a unique leadership model that's focused on the greatest Leader of all time, Jesus Christ. During the workshop, participants will discover the power of leading through God-given authority, compassion and grace. The workshop’s highly interactive design allows for peer-to-peer learning and self-discovery. After this one-day event, participants can choose to join a leadership development program or initiate one for their organization.

Coaching & Consulting

Coaching & Consulting

We usually know what needs to be done, but obstacles and fear can easily block the way. Coaching helps you process your own self-doubt, consider the options, and embrace a way forward that you believe in and one that you will pursue with renewed energy. Sometimes we simply need input and feedback on our current life journeys or future dreams. Through one-on-one consultations, we'll share our experience and insights or connect you with someone in your field who can bring his or her expertise to bear on your brilliant ideas.

Leadership Development Movement

Leadership Development Movement

Our four-phase process is designed to take leaders through a four-year leadership development program that initiates a serving leadership movement. Throughout the process they develop as leaders while also developing other leaders who in turn develop other leaders, just as Jesus did. To accomplish this, it requires us to focus on a few leaders (10-20) who are able and willing to make the necessary commitment to complete all four phases and begin training and developing other leaders.

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“If you’re big enough for your dream your dream isn’t big enough for you.”

                                                                                                -Erwin McManus


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Current opportunities for donations:

$250 scholarship for a person to attend one Phase of Training

$1000 scholarship for a person to attend all four Phases of Training

$2500 to send a trainer to conduct a Phase of Training

$10,000 to begin a new Serving Leadership Movement